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January, 2018


Industrial Arts Wrench NEIPA

As we close out the first month of 2018, I was able to find my first favorite beer of the new year.  Wrench from Industrial Arts Brewing is, quite possibly, the closest thing to perfection in the New England IPA category.  Not only its hazy color, but the citrus notes are on point in this beer.  Although I am partial to those New England IPAs brewed in New Jersey, the three beers that come close to Wrench include: Hazy Crazy Diamond (Death of the Fox), Brewtus Juice (Lunacy), and JuicedRead More

The Sleeping Abbey Tavern

South Jersey Spotlight! Nestled away in a small South Jersey town is the greatest tavern you’ve never heard of, ‘The Sleeping Abbey Tavern’, and that’s just how they like it. The super exclusivity of the tavern makes it a dream stop for the most hardcore of craft beer drinkers who, for the vast majority, have heard only whispers about this place. Then there’s the fact that 3 Dogs Brewing distributes solely to Sleeping Abbey, so good luck getting your hands on their beer. We were fortunate enough to obtain theseRead More


Coming soon to the South Jersey area is… BLARP!!! You’re probably curious as to what BLARP actually is, but rest assured, you’re about to find out! BLARP stands for “Beer Live Action Role Playing”. Regular LARP is okay and all(eh), but the addition of Beer makes everything better, that’s just a given. If you want a better idea of what LARP consists of, watch the movie ‘Role Models’. Then imagine doing that crap while drinking quality beer. Boom, you’re in for a great time. The BLARP League is set toRead More

The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad is definitely a: #MustSeeMovieB4YouDieWhileDrinking! Beer style recommendation- Double IPA If you’ve never seen this awesome flick, you suck, and definitely need to watch. If you haven’t seen it since you were a kid, do yourself a favor, grab some beer, and sit back and enjoy!  


I decided after a couple of these yummy beers from Double Nickel (you need the beer for a clear head, duh), to rank the Spider-Man actors from the movies in order of their awesomeness. The whole radioactive spider DNA thing did play a minor role in the thought process. Get it? DNA…   #3- Tobey Maguire When I saw the first movie featuring this guy as the beloved wallcrawler, I thought he pulled it off great! Well, besides the whole organic webbing thing, that was pretty annoying. That wasn’t hisRead More