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June, 2017


Pit Boss Double IPA – New Jersey Beer Co.

I am one of those people who always enjoy the thrill of a hunt.  As it relates to craft beer, I had been searching for months at several liquors for Pit Boss Double IPA from New Jersey Beer Company (NJBC). Although I tried it at a few beer festivals and on tap at certain craft beer bars, I was happy to see it sold in South Jersey in cans.  After finishing the beer, I was left with the impression that it should be enjoyed on tap only because I didn’tRead More

How do you like your IPA?

There is no doubt that IPAs are one of the more popular types of craft beer on the market.  Not only do you see a variety available in your favorite liquor store, but in bars and restaurants as well.  One question that I came up with this week was, “How do you like your IPA?”  As we are beginning the Summer season, fruit-flavored IPAs are popping up and in several varieties.  Ballast Point Brewing has their perennial offerings, Pineapple Sculpin and Grapefruit Sculpin which are refreshing beers, respectively.  Spellbound Brewing’sRead More

Stone Enjoy By Series

I wanted to incorporate a beer review along with some discussion regarding Stone Brewing’s Enjoy By series.  This year will be the 5th anniversary of Enjoy By, the fresh hop double IPA that is only released several times per year with the expiration date usually falling on a holiday.  According to the label, the beer must be consumed within 37 days so that it can be enjoyed at a peak level.  Although Enjoy By started out as a straight double IPA, there have been a few variances to keep theRead More