Carton Brewing Regular Coffee

I’ve been slacking on the writing about beer. I’ve moved twice in the past 8 months and have been caught up in work, life etc. ¬†However, ¬†I have not been slacking on the drinking of beer and this is most… Continue Reading


Evil Genius ‘Han Shot First’

When: 12/30/16 Where: Rastelli Market Fresh Why: You know why… Price: $11.99 on a six pack I was out doing my thing, grabbing what I needed to make chili for New Year’s Eve, when I spotted ‘Han Shot First’ from… Continue Reading



The first #TweetUp of 2017 has been announced! You’re totally excited, we understand… #TweetUp2K17 will take place at Lunacy Brewing Company in Magnolia, NJ on 2/25/17 from 3PM until you can’t hang anymore! Well, until you can’t hang or 8PM,… Continue Reading