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December, 2016


Sam Adams ‘Ginger Beer’

When: 12/20/16 Where: Kings Grant Wine & Liquors Why: I like buying mix-packs Price: $18.99+ tax for the Mix 12 Ginger Beer. What? I have to admit, the Ginger Beer in this Winter mix pack from Sam Adams were the only ones I actually didn’t want to try/drink from the pack. Of course I made it a point to crack one of these first. Bright and Zesty it said… This beer was definitely bright. But zesty? Not so much. I really didn’t plan on wasting much time talking about thisRead More

Dogfish Head ‘ World Wide Stout’ 2016

What: Look Up! When: 12/13/16 Where: Kings Grant Wine and Liquors Why: It’s a Dogfish Beer Price: $10.99+tax on a single bottle I sat on this bottle for a few weeks, so I finally decided to crack it open and give it a try. Well, I didn’t actually “sit” on it, that would just be weird. But, you probably knew what I meant. Stouts definitely aren’t my “Go-To” Beer, but I like to change it up every now and then, especially when it’s from a great brewery like Dogfish Head.Read More