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October, 2016


Evil Genius ‘Trick or Treat’

Who: Me What: Evil Genius ‘Trick or Treat’ Chocolate Pumpkin Porter When: 10/20/16 Where: Kings Grant Liquors Why: I felt like it. Price: $8.99 plus tax on a Six-Pack Evil Genius Beer Company comes up with some awesome names for most of the beer they brew, with the exception of this one, which actually kind of surprises me. If you know Evil Genius, they could have done much better than ‘Trick or Treat’. But, it’s cool, I’ll give them a pass this time. Anyway, when I saw their take onRead More

Double Nickel Anniversary Event

If you haven’t heard, Double Nickel Brewing Company is having an Anniversary Event on 10/22/16! Make sure you get there to celebrate this festive occasion! Plus, @ml2370 & @gdtrfb22 will be there, and that should pretty much seal the deal for your attendance. But wait, there’s more… Al will also be there, and if you don’t know who Al is, you’re probably drinking at the wrong place!

The Witches Ball

It’s time. Time for The Witches Ball on Saturday 10/8/16. If you haven’t heard yet, it’s THE event of the year in Mount Holly, NJ! I know, that’s not saying much, but you should totally go. Beer. Food. Costumes. Music. What else could you ask for? Not Much I’d say, but there is more! That’s right, there will be “Beer-Lebrities” everywhere! Including, but not limited to: @ml2370 @gdtrfb22 @LarryBurnett24 @ImmyC5 @PinkPirateNinja @CrazyKegs and More! Plus, @VillageIdiotNJ is located there, so you can grab yourself a delicious brew. Word on the street is theyRead More