Flying Fish New Release This Thursday 9/1/2016

Big Flying Fish release day this Thursday 9/1/2016 at the tap room. Three different Exit bottles. Come on and join me and Selene for a few.   Flying Fish Brewing Co. 20th Anniversary: Three New Exit Beers Release! PS: I’m… Continue Reading


Mispillion River ‘Reach Around IPA’

Delaware. The State that gave us Dogfish Head Brewery and The Monster Mile. Thanks for Dogfish Head at least, Delaware. (No offense to NASCAR fans intended. Or is there…) But wait, what’s this? There’s a new player in town(well, the… Continue Reading


Devil Dancer Triple IPA Review by @DennyD1

“When you dance with the Devil, the Devil don’t change.  You do.” For this review, I decided to go local.  As much as Founders Brewing Company is local, it’s all over the place!  I know many of you have sampled… Continue Reading