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June, 2016


Coming soon: 7 Mile Brewery

New things, much less new breweries don’t come to the South Jersey shore very often, so when I first noticed the sign for an upcoming brewery, I could hardly contain my excitement.  I contacted the brewery earlier this year and finally got the chance to check out the progress and get the scoop of the new 7 Mile Brewery located at 3159 Route 9 South, in Rio Grande.  It’s located in an old plumbing supply store across from the Walmart Plaza.     As soon as you open the door, youRead More

Game On! (With Beer of Course)

There was a time that people played video games in the same room with each other. You read that correctly, THE SAME ROOM! Times have changed though, and game playing is all done online now, but every now and then I’ll fire up a retro game system when people are over. What’s better than retro gaming? Just add beer to the mix. #Boom, it just got super fun! The games listed below are just a few of my personal favorites to play while enjoying a few tasty beers with friends.Read More

Stone ‘Mocha IPA’

This is one of those beers I wasn’t sure if I should grab. I mean, Stone Brewing Company hasn’t let me down yet, but you never know. Mocha isn’t really my thing in general, let alone in my beer. Still, I couldn’t resist, and brought home a six pack to try. I had one, and wasn’t really sure how I felt about this brew, I just knew it was definitely “Different” from most of the new beer in which I partake. So… I waited until the next night, which isRead More