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May, 2016


Forgotten Boardwalk #TweetUp

Come one, come all, to the NJ/PA “Tweet-Up” at the Forgotten Boardwalk Brewery July 31st 2016! The festivities kick off at Noon EST, in Cherry Hill, NJ. Enjoy some delicious beer while meeting some of your favorite and least favorite local Tweeps! Beer and games in a fun atmosphere, what else could you ask for? Don’t worry, no need to ask, there’s more! 12-1pm: @CrazyKegs will dazzle you with his juggling skills, all while giving @CasaSkullMark a piggyback ride around the brewery! 12pm-whenever: @jwags48_jack is hosting a demonstration on howRead More

Sam Adams Event

@CrazyKegs and I heard about a Sam Adams Event that wasn’t too far from us. Well, we heard about the event because @CheersSJ let us know it was happening. He’s good like that. I asked @PinkPirateNinja if she wanted to go to dinner with @CrazyKegs and his wife. She asked what the reason was we were actually going for, she’s smart like that, so I let her know it was a Sam Adams event. She claimed victory for knowing we had an ulterior motive, but whatever, we get to drinkRead More

Joseph James ‘Red Fox Russian Imperial Stout’

Joseph James is a brewery located in Henderson, Nevada. Though I’ve never seen any of their products in stores near me, I’ve had the pleasure of drinking four of their beers over the past year or so. I have a nephew who lives in Vegas and he turned me on to this Brewery. Because of him I was able to try Rye’d N Dirty (a black IPA), Barrel Smoker (a smoked wee heavy ale), Hop Box Imperial IPA, and this lovely choice Red Fox Russian Imperial Stout. If you’re aRead More

Innis & Gunn ‘White Oak Wheat Beer’

Generally speaking I tend to stick to beer brewed in the U.S. I mean, it’s not a personal rule or anything, it just kind of always works out that way. I’m not opposed to beer from other countries, there are so many new ones to try here, I never usually make it to the other aisles. (Those aisles are always super far away, you know, like one over.) I happened to be out one day, and I needed a few new beers for the #26BeerChallenge, so I stopped at aRead More

Shebeen ‘Black Hop IPA’

Review By: @bucnwhiskey I stumbled across this beer at a local grocery store and was immediately drawn to the brewery’s name. It reminded me of “shibby”, a phrase repeatedly uttered in the (only good if you’re far from sober) movie Dude Where’s My Car. So there I am in the store holding a can smiling proudly and saying “Shebeen”, likely mispronouncing the brewery to make it fit the “shibby” that Ashton Kutcher says in the movie. My girlfriend is giving me the obligatory head shake/eye roll combo that is typicalRead More