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April, 2016


Bent Kettle Brewing

I got a nice package from my girl Donna, you might know her as @zappafaye on Twitter. In it were these 3 beers from Bent Kettle Brewing, a brewery that is making it’s mark in it’s home base of  Wisconsin. The beers are unfiltered and unpasteurized, which I happen to dig a lot.  Donna  has “connections” in the Wisconsin beer scene, because she’s cool like that.  AND because she’s cool, she’s a sharer.  Anyway, I’m sure you are aware of my can obsession and have seen my favorite hashtag #ShowUsYourCans.Read More

Beer is Incredible!

Once upon a time, there was this dude named ‘The Incredible Hulk’. When Hulk wasn’t smashing things or fighting people, he enjoyed kicking back a few tasty beers.  So one fateful St. Party’s day, Hulk was at the bar, and he was hammered drunk. He should have been flagged, but what bartender in their right mind would risk that? Exactly. After a few rounds too many, he saw her, and made his move. Hulk and The Lady Leprechaun(That’s the name she went by, seriously) enjoyed an evening of playing darts,Read More

Atwater Brewery Tap Takeover

  Yep, that’s right, another fabulous Tap Takeover.  This time it’s Atwater Brewery out of Detroit, MI.  They’re brand spanking new to New Jersey and that means I need to try as many as I can as soon as I can.  Luckily, as I’ve said before, tap takeovers are the next best thing to going to the brewery itself.  You get to try several of their beers, hang out with some pretty cool people and usually score some swag.  This tap takeover happened to take place the week right afterRead More


The Challenge: The challenge, if you accept, is to drink 26 beers. Well, you didn’t think it would be that simple, did you? The twist is… This is a Brewery A-Z challenge. A Brewery name starting with each letter of the alphabet from A-Z, for a total of 26 different Breweries. So to clarify, the goal is to check-in ONE Brewery for EACH Letter from A-Z. That’s part of the “challenge”. Otherwise, it would be pretty easy to win, ya know? So what we’re saying is, so there’s no confusion, ifRead More

Abita ‘Big Easy IPA’

There are Session IPA’s, and then there are Session IPA’s. There’s been an explosion in popularity of the “Session” beer, and it makes sense. Who wouldn’t want an easy drinking, flavorful beer that won’t knock you out quickly, on occasion? As with all beer, the Sessions are hit or miss, depending on your personal preference and whatnot. Here we go with Abita Brewing’s take on this style! I wasn’t looking for ‘Big Easy IPA’, but I saw it, so I bought it to try. The bottle looked super fun! Plus,Read More

Sam Adams ‘Got To Gose’

When there’s a beer in a mix pack you want to try, you buy the mix pack. This particular Sam Adams Summer mix pack came with 6 different beers, 2 of each, for a grand total of 12 altogether… That’ll work. That’s how they get you though. I wanted to try one beer in particular, but had to get the five others to go along with it. That’s okay, Sam Adams Beer is generally good beer, so I wasn’t all that worried about the other ones. I mean, it’s beer,Read More

#50BeerChallenge “The Players”