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March, 2016


Dogfish Head ‘Higher Math’

I’ve been putting off opening this Dogfish 20th Anniversary beer for months. The 17% ABV is no easy task. Plus, it’s supposedly reminiscent of a “Cherry Bomb”, from what I’ve heard. (You know, the chocolate things with a cherry center.) I don’t like those, but I opened this brew anyway. Listen, this beer is intense, but not in a bad way. It’s weird, you can taste the alcohol, but you can’t at the same time. This has a way of making you think you’ve lost your mind. There are soRead More

New Belgium Launch Event

The big news in the Beer world is that New Belgium Brewing Company has finally reached The Garden State. That’s great news indeed, as I have never had any of their beer, since I live in New Jersey. Don’t get me wrong, we get a lot of great beer here, but something new is always fun! @CheersSJ put out a list of launch events they were running, so @CrazyKegs and I decided to go to the first one closest to us at Victory Bar & Grill in Berlin Township, NJ.Read More

Stone ‘Go To IPA’

I’m not sure why it’s taken me this long to talk about Stone ‘Go To IPA’. Well, I kind of know why. If you’ve had anything from Stone Brewing, I’m sure you know it’s going to be pretty damn good, so I figured it would be pointless to write about this beer. Screw it, I’m generally pointless anyway, so here it is! I’ve had this beer from Stone so many times, I couldn’t even come up with the “actual” number if I wanted to. You can’t really go by UntappdRead More

Dogfish Head ‘Beer To Drink Music To’

I wasn’t expecting to find this beer. At all. I stopped at the liquor store that’s close to home, they have a somewhat decent selection, but they usually don’t get any of the crazier new release beers in. They showed me I guess. I said on Twitter to @fahrn13, if I randomly came across ‘Music to Drink By’ I would grab it, so I did. This beer wasn’t in the system yet, so I had to wait for the manager to swing over. I told the cashier it was gonnaRead More

The Art of Home Brewing

The Art of Home Brewing By Chris Anderson Home brewing is big these days and there are various reasons that this is so. I believe it’s due to the explosion of the craft beer scene. Everyone has heard stories of friends and family that have tried home brewing both good and bad. If you haven’t tried it before and would like to get started, I would say “Go for it”. There is tons of information on home brewing on the internet and nothing beats finding your local homebrew shop andRead More

NJ (Forgotten Boardwalk) vs PA (Evil Genius) Pt 2

Check out Part 1 here: Forgotten Boardwalk vs Evil Genius Part 1 After getting my New Jersey on, I decided to try a few from the Pennsylvania contender, Evil Genius.  They’re kind of known for their funky pop names like Purple Monkey Dishwasher and I Love Lamp.  They also come up with some pretty unique flavor profiles. My first offering from them was The Files are “in” the Computer, which is a special draft only release.  It’s a vanilla infused Belgian dubbel. Belgians are one of my favorite styles of beerRead More

Sam Adams “Nitro” Event

What to do on a random Thursday night? Take a trip to Atlantic City, of course. We generally go to The Tropicana, and this time was no different. There was a bonus this time around though. Sam Adams was having a launch party for their new line of “Nitro” beers at Firewaters, which is located inside The Trop. Perfect. I generally have a couple beers there anyway so it worked out great. Since it was a Sam Adams theme, I ordered a ‘Boston Lager’ for my first Sam beer. ItRead More