Root Beer Moonshine!

@ManlyManKitchen makes some Root Beer Moonshine, all while drinking a beer that has to be horrible, but someone has to do it. We do not recommend EVER trying this beer. Just check out the faces he makes after each sip… … Continue Reading


Shiner ‘Wicked Ram IPA’

“If You’re Gonna Play In Texas, You Gotta Have A Fiddle In The Band.” The music group ‘Alabama’ nailed this line. Well, if by “Fiddle”, they meant Shiner Beer. I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for, but I… Continue Reading


Two Roads Lil’ Heaven Session IPA

I have to start off by saying: I’ve been slacking. Very bad. My partner in crime, @TheStraightHops, has kept this ship sailing for quite a few months now without any help from me.  I’d like to thank @Essau1969 and @JenniferCassada… Continue Reading


Free Will Brewing Company’s “Snow Day Ale” 2014

Free Will Brewing Company’s “Snow Day Ale” 2014 By Chris Anderson Today I am going to review Free Will Brewing Company’s “Snow Day Ale” 2014. My last trip to Free Will Brewing Company was in November of 2015 with my… Continue Reading


Narragansett Lager

About a month or two ago I was browsing in the beer aisle, as I often do, looking for something new for the night. I saw of group come in and grab a couple 30-packs of Narragansett Lager. At the… Continue Reading


Victory “Blackboard Series” ‘Agave IPA’

Once upon a time, in a land super close, there was this beer drinker. The beer drinker in question is super awesome, but you can’t take it from me, I’m kind of biased. Fine, you probably guessed it was me,… Continue Reading