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October, 2015


Founders ‘Mosaic Promise’

When you come across a beer you’ve never seen before, you should pick it up to try, especially if it’s from Founders Brewing Company. You know as well as I do these guys know what they’re doing out there in Michigan. And if you don’t, you’re missing out on some solid beer, and that’s just silly. That brings us to ‘Mosaic Promise’, from Founders. (Although that was probably a given) I’m not one to get into crazy details about any particular beer, but I’ll make a slight exception here, becauseRead More

Great Lakes ‘Sharpshooter Session Wheat IPA’

Great Lakes is a brewery that I have been a fan of for quite some time. They first sucked me in a few years ago, with their ‘Burning River Pale Ale’. I’ve been trying out all of their brews ever since that are available to me. Now, I generally don’t come across many different varieties from Great Lakes Brewing, besides their usual notables. Until last week, when @TheStraightHops and I attended a beer event in Absecon, NJ. We were told about a certain liquor store down the street we shouldRead More

Love Buzz by Anchorage Brewing Company

So I got some beer mail from a guy who I like to call my beer boyfriend, because we met on Untappd and apparently he loves me enough to send me beer and flowers.  Anyway,  I was super excited when I got this beer mail because besides the fact that it’s beer in the mail, I needed Alaska for the #50BeerChallenge.  There were 3 Alaskan beers in the box and this one was my favorite. I haven’t tried a ton of Saison style beers because I’m still stuck in thatRead More

Heavy Seas ‘Small Craft Warning Uber Pils’

An Imperial/Double Pilsner? Sure, why not, I’ll give it a whirl. Not that I make a habit of drinking Pilsners, they’re usually fairly blah, but Heavy Seas Beer hasn’t let me down yet. I think it’s the whole Pirate angle they have going on for them. (I’m easily manipulated.) Arghhhhh! Well, ‘Small Craft Warning’ doesn’t suck. You can definitely taste the 7% abv, it has a nice little kick to it, but it’s not totally overpowering. I could probably roll with two before I switched to something else for theRead More

Holy Crap! By Mispillion River Brewing Co

So they announced that Delaware’s Mispillion River Brewing Company was finally going to be available in New Jersey last week.  As per usual, I felt it my personal mission to get my hands on one (or 3 as the case may be) and welcome them to Jersey. Holy Crap! is an Imperial Red Ale with a 9.0 ABV.  Besides having an awesome name and kick ass graphics, it’s also a really good beer.  I said it at first sip and I’ll say it again: Holy Crap!  It’s easy to drinkRead More

Southern Tier ‘Tier De Garde’

I don’t like Grapefruit. It’s a personal preference, but one I’m quite happy with in life. Does that make me weird? Maybe, but I’m fine with that. That being said, the idea of drinking a beer brewed with grapefruit, that’s never really appealed to me. That brings us to a bomber of Southern Tier ‘Tier De Garde’. The label got me. It just looked cool, you know? I read the part that said “Belgian Style India Pale Ale”. What I didn’t notice was where it said “Ale Brewed With GrapefruitRead More

Sierra Nevada ‘Celebration’

I stopped to grab a sixer of Hop Hunter. Yeah, they were out of stock. So I decided to finally pick up a six pack of Celebration, from Sierra Nevada Brewing. It’s a good one! I never really heard too much about it, though. I pretty much figured I was just settling, but Celebration doesn’t disappoint. It’s a nice tasting beer, as always from Sierra Nevada. They can’t make a bad brew, I don’t think. If you’re looking for a different beer to try out, and having a tough timeRead More