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August, 2015


You Can Have It

Yes, we all love delicious beer, that goes without saying. Some of you are crazy though. Like @JenniferCassada crazy… (It’s cool, she’ll love being mentioned here. I think.) I have no desire to go out of my way, or wait in a ridiculous line, just to get my hands on a new release or a rare beer. There are many new beers to try every week, locally, it just doesn’t make any sense. Not to me anyway, and I’m “special”, ask my mother. She even uses the quotes. Maybe I’m just lucky orRead More

Yuengling ‘Premium’

I’m well aware Yuengling isn’t exactly new on the beer scene. They’ve been around for a few years at least. And by a few years, I mean there’s a good chance my Great Grandfather’s Sister-in-law’s Uncle had his fair share of their Lagers. That being said, for all the Yuenglings I’ve ever had, I recently came across Yuengling ‘Premium’ for the first time. Weird, right? I couldn’t not pick it up to try, especially at $3.99 for the six-pack, plus tax of course. I wasn’t a fan. At first. Apparently, drinking from the canRead More

Schlafly Sampler Pack

I’ve actually only tried one beer from Schlafly before grabbing this mix pack, so I wasn’t all that sure what to expect, but I did it anyway. I know, I’m a rebel and whatnot. That beer, in case you were wondering, was their Tasmanian IPA. It was good, but I slacked on reviewing it, so you’re gonna have to get over that. First up: Schlafly Pale Ale I wasn’t all that crazy about this one. I mean, it’s beer, so that’s a good thing. Other than having the whole “beingRead More

Victory ‘Prima Pils’

Oh, The Pilsner. You know, the type of beer you forget about once you discover IPA’s, and pretty much any other craft beer offering. I haven’t really had many Pilsners since the good old Beer Pong days. You know, with 30 packs of “The Beer That Shall Not Be Named”, but I’m sure you can guess. That being said, ‘Prima Pils’ from Victory Brewing was pretty good. This beer went down nice and smooth. For a Pilsner, I’d say give it a whirl, you might just enjoy it. I’m not making a dealRead More

Boulevard ‘Mid-Coast IPA’

I went to this awesome Beer tasting event, and by event, I mean I picked up a couple mix 12 packs to try at home. Let’s be honest, no one wants me out in public anyway. It was a difficult choice, but I decided to crack open the Boulevard Brewing mix pack first. Then there was the issue of which beer to try out of the pack. I know, life’s tough, right? I settled on one of their tasting room brews to start, Mid-Coast IPA. Delicious. I was even fondRead More

Lagunitas ‘Maximus IPA’

One might think I’m drinking too many Lagunitas brews these days. But I ask you, is there such a thing as too many Lagunitas brews? The short answer, as well as the long answer, is no. I had never tried ‘Maximus’ before, and when I saw it, all I could think of was ‘Gladiator’. Then ‘Gladiator’ led me to thinking about ‘Spartacus’, a bad-ass show in it’s own right, so obviously I had to grab it. It’s not too shabby. I was kinda hoping when I drank it, I’d feelRead More

Bottles and Cans, Oh My

Beer is good. That’s definitely something we can all agree on, without question. Then there’s the question of how do you prefer your beer, in a bottle or a can? I have to go with bottle. There’s just something about beer in a can that turns me off. It’s not like I drink it from the bottle anyway, the beer always gets poured in a pint glass. I know it’s probably just me, a mind over matter sort of thing, but it is what it is. Take ‘White Rascal’ forRead More