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July, 2015


Philadelphia Brewing ‘Walt Wit’

This was a random pick up, mainly because of the name, to be honest. Now, I’m not a big Belgian White guy, but my lady is (A Belgian White Girl), so I figured worst case she would enjoy them if I didn’t. It’s not a bad brew. Wouldn’t be in my top 5 of Belgians, though. But, it is a local brew, so I do what I can to support local beer. It’s a beer you have to try if you’re into the whites. Myself, I’ll stick to my wheelRead More

Lakefront Brewery ‘Extended Play Session IPA’

I’m in to trying Session Beers these days. The low ABV of these brews is going to make for a perfect companion during the Football season come September. Searching for the perfect one isn’t going to be easy, but someone has to put in all the hard work, and I’m up for the challenge. Someone has to do it, right? You’re welcome. That brings us to ‘Extended Play ISA’, from Lakefront Brewery. This India Session Ale clocks in at low 4.2%. That’s what I’m talking about. Will this be theRead More

Sierra Nevada ‘Bigfoot Ale’

I’ve kinda been on a Sierra Nevada kick as of late. I just can’t get enough of their fantastic brews. As I was walking through the aisle, ‘Bigfoot Ale’ caught my eye.  I’ve never even heard of this beer before, so of course I had to pick it up.   Now fast forward a few days… I finally decide to give it a try, and man, it’s nothing like I was expecting. I’ve never had a barleywine beer before this, and honestly, I doubt I will again. It is definitelyRead More

Stone ‘Cali-Belgique IPA’

This is a true love/hate beer for me. I’m all in on IPA’s, so I had to give this twist on that style a try. While I do enjoy drinking a few different Belgian beers, this one gives me different flavors every time I take a sip. My initial reaction when I tried my first one was I very much did not like it. I was willing to give the remainders I had to a buddy of mine. I didn’t, and now that I have had a few more, itRead More

One Beer…

We all know Comic Books and Beer go hand in hand. With that being said… [poll id=”3″]    

Founders ‘All Day IPA’

So, I decided to change it up a little, and picked up a sixer of Founders ‘All Day IPA’. I’m not really one that’s into the, “Session Beers”, but this was quite refreshing. It goes down nice and easy, and isn’t too strong. Basically, it lives up to its name. I was surprisingly pleased. Not too much to say negatively about this brew. If you want a nice tasting, mild IPA to sit back and enjoy, this would be for you. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re looking toRead More

Stone ‘Arrogant Bastard Ale’

Very, very good beer. Arrogant Bastard is true to its name, If you partake in a few too many of these, then I believe you will become one. I grabbed a mix 12 of Stone last weekend and was delighted these were mixed in. It had been awhile since I had one, and I’m quite happy I was able to enjoy a few more this weekend. Has great flavor. Bit of a bite, but just to my liking. Overall: I give it a 3 outta 5 Keg Rating Definitely grabRead More