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December, 2014


Pint on the Right

You chose to drink the beer on the right. You’re feeling good about your choice. This was a damn tasty brew. This has to be the one that leads to safety. The Goblin Wizard raises his staff, and instantly you’re transported. You breathe a sigh of relief, once you realize you’re not in a Vampire Lair, but on a snowy mountain top. But wait, what was it that the Wizard had said, “Brief Safety.” You stand up and slip, plummeting to your death. At least you had that great beerRead More

Pint on the Left

You chose to drink the pint of beer on the left. It was probably the best beer you’ve ever had in your life. As you finish your last sip, The Goblin Wizard smiles and raises his staff to transport you. He’s actually ¬†pretty creepy, even for a Goblin Wizard. You wake up in some sort of Lair. You chose the wrong glass, you’re smack in the middle of Vampire coffins. Lucky enough for you, it’s daylight, and they’re all asleep. You find the front door and walk out, trying toRead More

Zombie Horde

You just couldn’t do it. The beer was so awful, you puked on only the second one. Maybe the note was just messing with you so you drank that nastiness. There’s no such thing as a Zombie Horde, you hope. Then they appeared. Lucky for you they’re slow, but you have nowhere to run, and no weapons. Or do you have a weapon? You shake the remaining four beers and spray the Zombies. The Horde is no match for the awfulness you sprayed them with, and they all disintegrate. You’reRead More


As hard as it was, you finished the six pack without puking. True to the note, a portal appears in front of you, but you have no idea where it will lead. Hopefully to somewhere you can get a decent beer. You step through the portal hesitantly. When you come to, you realize ¬†you were transported to your favorite Brewery. You rush over to pour yourself a tasty beer from the tap with no luck. They’re all empty. Then you notice how truly strange things are here. There are noRead More

Passage on the Left

You enter the passage on the left. A mystical door closes behind you. There’s no turning back. You walk for a bit, when seemingly out of nowhere, the entire passage is filled with light. Almost as if a magically switch had been flipped. You start feeling pretty good about your choice of passage. Then you see him. A Goblin Wizard stands before you. You start to run when he speaks. “Welcome traveler. I’m sure you are parched after your journey here, deep in the cave. Before you, I have placedRead More

Passage on the Right

You enter the passage on the right. You walk a few feet in when you hear a loud noise. You turn around only to find the entrance to the passage has been sealed. There’s no turning back now, you have to move forward. Your phone dies and now you are in complete darkness. You move along carefully in the pitch black, wishing Riddick was with you on this journey. After awhile you see a glimmer of light, almost like a torch in the distance. You keep going toward the light.Read More